Sarah brown Images

fine art photography

A sense of place has always intrigued me. This presence of place influences what I seek out in landscapes or how I choose to arrange compositions. The camera becomes an act of fusing the past and present. Similar to examining the sense of place, I investigate both the visual and intangible that define the sense of photography. This incorporates feelings and reactions, a knowing and unknowing, and technical aesthetics. In my series, Korāju, I create a space for viewers to experience the sense of photography through my abstract photo collages. Exploring the sense of photography as a medium and creative experience, I consider the movement of lines and negative space, overlapping still life work or natural landscapes and paper. My photographic prints are covered with paper, torn and straight edged, to recreate how my eye explores space when I compose a photograph. Creating lines and pathways for the eye, I leave the subject of the photographs in the background. These photographs may seem like an afterthought, but are the foundation of the collage. The new presence of the photograph is about connecting with the sense of photography, whether through feeling or technical aesthetics. This visual challenge requires more examination to see the lines, tonalities, colors, and objects. These technical aesthetic examples are elements that I associate with the sense of photography. By creating what lines and space I see, the work becomes about our visual perception and visceral experience, creating a sense of photography.