Sarah brown Images

fine art photography

When I compose an image, the camera becomes an act of fusing the past and present mirroring my own search for a sense of place. This search to understand sense of place, space, and time includes exploring the sense of photography as a medium and creative experience. Defining the sense of photography incorporates feelings and reactions, a knowing and unknowing, and technical aesthetics. In my series, MisUnderstood, I explore the movement of lines and negative space. Overlapping still life work and paper, I focus on creating lines and pathways for the eye while leaving the still life objects in the background. I create a roadblock to seeing the actual image, challenging the viewer to look longer to see the lines, colors, and objects. The photographs are covered with paper, torn and straight edged to recreate how my eye explores the space as I compose a photograph. Beginning with the initial lines and patterns I recognize, I compose an image. By recreating what lines and space I see, the work becomes about our visual perception and our visceral experience. This space offers a view into exploring the sense of photography through my own photographic process.