Artist Statement

Raised to be a historian, used book stores, libraries, antique shops, and museums were all part of my training. My observation skills translated when I began to photograph. I found that I used the camera as a historian or anthropologist capturing narrative moments in time. Knowing the history of whatever I photographed became a significant and unspoken aspect to my process. A sense of place has always intrigued me and influences what I seek out in landscapes or how I choose to arrange compositions. The camera becomes an act of fusing the past and present mirroring my own search for a sense of place. This search to understand sense of place, space, and time includes exploring the sense of photography as a medium and creative experience. 

    Experimenting with the type of camera, workflow, paper, and final presentation, my images interplay between history, sense of place, and photographic process. Challenging the perception of photography as an art form is just as important as sharing my experience of creating a photograph. Defining the sense of photography incorporates feelings and reactions, a knowing and unknowing, and technical aesthetics. Natural landscape scenes are a dominant theme in my work that offer a simplicity and a complexity to explore the sense of place and photography. This subject matter initiates an exchange between the photograph and the viewer to better understand our shared existence. This exchange is about aesthetics and design, as well as, historical references. The relationship between viewers and photographic work moves from a passive experience to an active engagement. This shared experience creates space to connect with one another, with ourselves, and with photography as an art form. 

​​​Art is both technical expertise and an intuitive subconscious process.

I spent several years studying Contemplative photography and fine art printing with George DeWolfe-learning to use mindfulness, listen, and see from inside out to create a photograph. Photographs can be about  capturing; my work is about creating. I incorporate other mediums with undertones of commentary on the photographic process and contemplative practice. 

Sarah brown Images

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